Dr. Lynn Sarkela is Naples Hand and Foot Chiropractor. Her focus is on the diagnosis and treatment of both hand and foot pain conditions as well as spinal problems. These non-surgical and drug free treatments can provide significant relief of pain and improved function.

Her years of experience along with her specialty degree in Chiropractic Orthopedics uniquely qualifies her to provide you with the most optimal treatment for your condition. Along with gentle specific adjustments to the bones of the hands, feet and spine, treatment may also include acupuncture, rehabilitative exercises, micro-current/electrical stimulation or ultrasound.

  • 25+ years of experience providing Chiropractic Care
  • 25+ years providing Acupuncture as an ancillary therapy to Chiropractic Care
  • Advanced Degree in Chiropractic Orthopedics (DABCO)
  • Trained and Endorsed by: Chiropractic Hand and Foot Clinics of America, Dr. Robert Fenell, DC
  • Graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic
  • Certified to Practice Acupuncture as a Chiropractor in the State of Florida
  • Former Member of the Medical Appeals Board of one of the largest insurers in the state of Colorado
  • Extensive Consulting Work Performing 2nd Opinion Examinations, Independent Medical Exams and Peer Reviews for Insurance Companies and Attorneys.
  • Recognized Expert Witness testifying in Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation Cases in Colorado.
  • Assisted in the early development of electronic medical records for physical therapists.

Over the years Dr. Sarkela has treated professional athletes, weekend athletes and people from all walks of life. Many of her patients have been referred by their doctor, podiatrist, massage therapist or personal trainer.